Ferma 2024/2025 Recruitment Application Form Portal

Are you interested in joining the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA)? If so, you might be curious about the recruitment process and what it takes to join this organization.

This page aims to provide you with all the necessary information to guide you through the application process and important details to be aware of before the next application form is released.

Working with FERMA is a rewarding experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The application is open to all Nigerians who believe they possess the required skill set to thrive in the organization and are willing to give their best if given the opportunity.

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Organizational Structure of Ferma

The agency has a clear structure for making decisions and working effectively.

Governing Board

  • The highest decision-making body
  • Makes policies and sets direction for the Agency

Managing Director (MD) / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Head of the Agency and member of the Governing Board
  • Responsible for daily operations and tenders board chairman

Executive Management Team

  • MD/CEO, Executive Directors, and Agency Secretary/Legal Adviser
  • Responsible for executing the Agency’s mandate

Zonal Directorate Structure

  • 12 zonal offices and 38 state field offices (one in each state capital, plus one in Lagos and Abuja)
  • Zones have 3-4 state field offices reporting to them

Staff Strength

  • 1,551 staff members
  • 341 at Corporate Headquarters, others in field and zonal offices

Organogram of FERMA


Requirements for Eligibility in FERMA Recruitment:

To be eligible for the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) recruitment, applicants must meet certain core criteria. Here’s a brief overview of these requirements:

  1. Nationality: You need to be a Nigerian citizen and have a valid means of identification to prove your nationality.
  2. Education: Applicants should have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Additionally, possessing an O level result with a minimum amount of credit is crucial.
  3. Computer Skills: Basic knowledge of computer applications is essential. You may need to use a computer frequently to perform assigned tasks.

Any additional requirements will be promptly updated on this page. These are the fundamental criteria candidates must meet to be eligible for the upcoming FERMA recruitment.

Release Date for FERMA Recruitment Application Form

Currently, no information is available regarding the release date of the next application form to the public. Keep an eye on this page for updates on when the next recruitment exercise will commence. Bookmark this tab for easy access.

Latest News on FERMA Recruitment

Currently, there is no news about the commencement of the Federal Road Maintenance Agency recruitment. The information provided in this article will help you prepare for the upcoming recruitment exercise.

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