Getting into the University of Lagos (UNILAG) is a big deal in Nigeria. It’s one of the best universities in the country, and many students want to study there. But, getting in isn’t easy. The university has a special number called the “cut off mark” that helps decide who gets in and who doesn’t.

In this article, we’ll explain what the cut off mark is, how it is determined, and what you need to do to increase your chances of getting into UNILAG. We’ll break it down in a way that’s easy to understand, so you can focus on preparing for your exams and achieving your dream of studying at UNILAG.

Here’s a bit more information to get you started:

  • The cut off mark is a score that the university sets every year. It’s based on the performance of students in their exams, like the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) conducted by JAMB and the Post-UTME screening test conducted by UNILAG.
  • Meeting the cut off mark doesn’t guarantee admission, but it’s an important step in the admission process.
  • The university considers many factors when setting the cut off mark, including the number of students who apply, the difficulty of the exams, and the performance of students in previous years.

What is a Cut Off Mark?

A cut off mark is the minimum score required by an institution to consider an applicant eligible for admission. In the case of UNILAG, the cut off mark is the minimum score in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Post-UTME screening exercise. Meeting the cut off mark does not guarantee admission, but it is one of the important step in the admission process.

How is the UNILAG Cut Off Mark Determined?

The UNILAG cut off mark is determined by the institution’s admission board, which comprises representatives from various departments and faculties. The board considers several factors, including:

  • UTME performance: The performance of applicants in the UTME examination.
  • O’Level results: The grades obtained in the O’Level examination (WAEC, NECO, or equivalent).
  • Post-UTME performance: The performance of applicants in the Post-UTME screening exercise.
  • Departmental and faculty requirements: The specific requirements of each department and faculty.
  • Admission quota: The total number of students the institution is authorized to admit.

What is the UNILAG Cut Off Mark for 2024/2025?

The UNILAG cut off mark for the 2024/2025 academic session is as follows:

  • Merit Cut Off: 52% and above (UTME score + Post-UTME score) but aspiring students are advised to aim for 65% and above if they want to increase their admission chances.
  • Catchment Cut Off: 60% and above (UTME score + Post-UTME score) for some states depending on the course of study while some have none.

Note that these cut off marks are subject to change, and the institution may adjust them based on various factors. In order to have a concrete idea of the score to aim for, we have uploaded the 2023/2024 admission cut off mark used for last year admission find the download button below or view if you are on your PC.

Departmental Cut Off Marks

In addition to the general cut off mark, each department and faculty has its specific cut off mark. Some of the departmental cut off marks for UNILAG are:

Faculty of Medicine:

  • Medicine and Surgery: 84

College of Medical Sciences:

  • Physiotherapy: 75
  • Radiography: 76
  • Medical Lab Science: 77
  • Physiology: 76
  • Dentistry: 80
  • Nursing: 78

Faculty of Pharmacy:

  • Pharmacy: 77

Faculty of Engineering:

  • Mechanical Engineering: 81
  • Chemical Engineering: 77
  • Civil Engineering: 77
  • Elect and Elect Engineering: 79
  • Met and Geo Engineering: 71
  • Systems Engineering: 79

Faculty of Science:

  • Computer Science: 81
  • Industrial Mathematics: 74
  • Microbiology: 72
  • Geology: 71
  • Cell Biology: 72
  • Chemistry: 68
  • Geophysics: 69
  • Statistics: 69

Faculty of Law:

  • Law: 76

Faculty of Education:

  • Creative Art: 67
  • English Language: 70
  • History and Strategic Studies: 71
  • Philosophy: 68
  • Chinese: 68
  • Education Business: 67
  • Education English: 68
  • Education History: 65
  • Education CS: 66
  • Health Education: 61
  • Adult Education: 62
  • Education Technology: 65

Faculty of Social Sciences:

  • Economics: 72
  • Mass Communication: 73
  • Psychology: 72
  • Social Work: 68
  • Sociology: 68
  • Economics and Development Studies: 69

Faculty of Management Sciences:

  • Accounting: 76
  • Banking and Finance: 70
  • Business Administration: 70
  • Taxation: 71
  • IRPM: 67
  • Insurance: 69

Faculty of Environment Sciences:

  • Architecture: 78
  • Building: 69
  • Urban and Regional Planning: 64
  • Estate Management: 64

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Meeting the UNILAG Cut Off Mark

To increase your chances of meeting the UNILAG cut off mark, follow these tips:

  • Prepare thoroughly: Prepare well for the UTME and Post-UTME examinations.
  • Score high in O’Level: Obtain high grades in your O’Level examination.
  • Choose the right course: Choose a course that aligns with your strengths and interests.


Gaining admission into UNILAG requires meeting the cut off mark, which is determined by the institution’s admission board. Understanding the factors that influence the cut off mark and meeting the departmental and faculty requirements can increase your chances of admission. Remember to prepare thoroughly, score high in O’Level, choose the right course, and stay informed to succeed in the UNILAG admission process.

I hope this article was helpful! If you have any further questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cut-off marks for UNILAG in 2024?

The University of Lagos management has determined that candidates must score 200 and above in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) to qualify for the screening process.

Can UNILAG accept 170 in JAMB?

No, UNILAG requires a minimum score of 200 in JAMB to be eligible to apply for degree programs.

What is the UNILAG cut-off mark for medicine and surgery?

The cut-off mark for medicine and surgery at UNILAG ranges from 69.45 to 84.675.

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